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Maverick's Euphoric Charm CA

Born 11.08.2014


Maverick is our "old soul" that came to us as a rescue.  Well, maybe not a rescue per-say, but we adopted him at 9 weeks old after a family could no longer care for him. I remember my husband sending me a picture of him saying that he needed a home, and I responded "if you don't want this dog you better tell me now because Im going to get him."  Maverick is a lab/boxer mix, but we love him just as much as any other.  


Maverick is everyone's favorite dog.  He is a kind, gentle soul, and his "charm" wins the hearts of everyone he meets.  He was my husband and I's first dog together as a couple and therefore will always hold a special place in our hearts.  It was Maverick that gave me the love for training and working dogs.  He is as obedient as they come and his eyes speak of his loyalty. 

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