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Here at Crescent Hill we focus on preserving the history of the Dalmatian by raising healthy, even tempered, versatile dogs for show, performance, and most importantly, to become beloved members of the family.  We believe in health testing all of our dogs through OFA, and breeding to standard to maintain the Dalmatian's uniqueness.  


Our Story
The Journey We Didn't Know We Were On


In 2016 our family began looking into adding another dog to our family.  We had a horse and a lab mix (Maverick) at the time, and my husband had always wanted a Dalmatian.  We were very fortunate to connect with Terri Occhipinti outside of New Orleans and got onto a waiting list for a puppy.  On August 19, 2017 a litter of five puppies were born and eight weeks later we were taking a 12 hour drive to pick up our Dalmatian puppy, Pierce.


We did not know it at the time, but Terri saw something in our family and knew that we would catch the Dalmatian bug in addition to the dog show bug.  (Even though I had never shown dogs in my life!)  I realized months later as I began showing Pierce in many different events, that Terri knew all along that we would love showing and training with our dogs.  Without her, our program wouldn't exist. We also couldn't have asked for a better first Dalmatian, as Pierce showed so much heart and drive in every sport we tried.  Because of him, we fell in love with the breed.  With their loyalty, their versatility, athleticism, their smarts, and their goofy personalities.


It wasn't long until we were bringing our second Dalmatian, EmberLynn into our home as the prospect to be our foundation bitch.  And then a third, then a forth  and well, you get the idea.  As a family, we continued to enjoy the adventures this breed took us on and wanted to be able to share the joy of Dalmatians with other families as well!  

We are current members with the Dalmatian Club of America as well as two of our regional Dalmatian Clubs, Central Carolina Dalmatian Club an Dalmatian Club of the Piedmont.  We have enjoyed competing in many different dog sports including Conformation, Road Trail, Rally, Obedience, Dock Diving, FastCAT, Coursing, and more!

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